About me

Hey! I am Olena Sovyn, the software engineer, that loves React, Redux & functional programming. From the middle school, I can’t remember myself not creating something in the technology. Even though through my life I was wearing different position hats, I was always believing that technologies can help us solve most of the problems more easier and faster.

Originally I am from Ukraine, and currently, I am based in London, UK.

My Talks

  • Using Facade Pattern With JSX. React London Meetup, June 2017. Performed in English: video, slides
  • On the way to making the React components more reusable. ReactJsDay 2017 (Verona, Italy).Performed in English: video, slides
  • Understanding Recompose through examples. Frontend fwdays’17 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Performed in Ukrainian (slides are in English): video, slides
  • Building a Chrome extension with React. React Alicante 2018. Performed in English (sorry, for my accent there, seemed like I was too nervous): video, slides

Contact me

If you have any question or want to invite me to talk at a meetup or conference or have any other interesting proposals, do not hesitate to write me in the DM in twitter:  @frontendgirl or email

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